Casement Windows

Autumn Exteriors gorgeous casement windows are hinged at the side that allow the window to swing outward. Featuring large glass panes to create a one of a kind views you’re going to love. Our casement windows also come in a wide variety of traditional and architectural styles to compliment you any home.

Casement Window Benefits

  • Larger Appearance

    Beveled exterior sash design gives the window the appearance of a larger glass area with an attractive look.

  • Weather Seal

    Step-down frame and durable weather seal that provides a tight closure during inclement weather.

  • Hinge System

    State-of-the-art hinge system provides multi-directional ventilation and allows cleaning from inside the home.

  • Easy Operation

    Durable crank mechanisms for easy operation when opening and closing the sash.

  • Multi-point Locking System

    Multi-point locking system ensures a tight fit and added security.

All windows from Autumn Exteriors come with a wide selection of different options:

Interior Choices:
Interior finishes include white and beige, as well as laminate woodgrains in White, Soft Maple, Rich Maple, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Foxwood and Cherry.

Exterior Choices:
Exterior choices include White and Beige, as well as special finishes in Architectural Bronze, Hudson Khaki, Desert Clay, English Red, Forest Green, American Terra and Castle Gray.

Grid Options:
The style of your home will help you decide what type of grid pattern you want on your windows. Designer grids lend an added measure of style and dimension to your windows. All grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit for easy cleaning.

Choose from our selection of beautiful grid profiles and patterns to design the ideal look for your home:

  • Classic Grids – available in Colonial, Diamond, Craftsman, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns.
  • Contoured Grids – available in Colonial, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns
    Gold Tone Brass Grids – available in Prairie and Double Prairie patterns
  • Narrow Brass Grids – available in a Colonial pattern

All Window Options

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