Everlast Plank and Panel Siding

Weather & Bug Resistant

Highly water resistant and impermeable to wood-boring insects. Guaranteed.

No Maintenance

Virtually no maintenance for owners. An occasional light wash to remove any dust or dirt will do the trick.

Easy Installation

No special tools required, ensuring a speedy and level installation.

Extreme Fade Resistance

Highly durable and fade-resistant acrylic layers.

A One Time Investment!

There is zero required maintenance, and Everlast is environmentally friendly. With a one-time investment you’ll increase the value of your home and enjoy a lifetime of beauty. 


Why Everlast Siding?

It’s an entirely new category of siding that’s taking the premium siding market by storm.  This is because of its remarkable durability in even the harshest climates and no maintenance requirement – apart from an occasional washing.

Unlike other solid siding products, Everlast’s unique combination of inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants produces a thick, solid, and strong siding with unsurpassed durability.

Cedar Touch Logo

Each Everlast plank or panel is embossed with Everlast’s CedarTouch finish – the imprint of a rough sawn plank of real top-grade cedar. The result in the most authentic and UV-resistant siding on the market.


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